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Extends Control

A control to display the available levels


  • indoorEqual IndoorEqual the IndoorEqual instance

  • options Object (optional, default {})

    • options.target string? Specify a target if you want the control to be rendered outside of the map's viewport.

Returns LevelControl this


Extends BaseObject

Load the indoor= source and layers in your map.


  • map Object the OpenLayers instance of the map

  • options Object (optional, default {})

    • options.defaultStyle boolean? False to not set the default style. Default true.
    • options.spriteBaseUrl string? The base url of the sprite (without .json or .png). If not set, no sprite will be used in the default style.
    • options.url string? Override the default tiles URL (https://tiles.indoorequal.org/).
    • options.apiKey string? The API key if you use the default tile URL (get your free key at indoorequal.com).
    • options.heatmap boolean? Should the heatmap layer be visible at start (true : visible, false : hidden). Defaults to true/visible.

Returns IndoorEqual this


Set the style for displayed features. This function takes a feature and resolution and returns an array of styles. If set to null, the layer has no style (a null style), so only features that have their own styles will be rendered in the layer. Call setStyle() without arguments to reset to the default style. See module:ol/style for information on the default style.



Change the heatmap layer visibility

  • visible boolean True to make it visible, false to hide it


Emitted when the list of available levels has been updated

Type: Array


Emitted when the current level has been updated

Type: string